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finally!  WhatsApp fixes an annoying bug that drove users crazy

finally! WhatsApp fixes an annoying bug that drove users crazy

Have you ever had trouble downloading files or viewing a story in WhatsApp? Apparently, this bug that made it difficult for users to access certain content in chats has finally been resolved due to the update implemented recently.

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According to information from the specialized portal of the WABetaInfo tool, the to request Add updates include a fix, which immediately corrects the problem without the need for a system shutdown or interruption. The update was for version, specifically for those who use Android phones.

The change also affects models with and

The change will put an end to the problem of users downloading videos received in chats. It will also remove the difficulty of viewing content posted by people in the status, which works similarly to Instagram Stories.

Description of forwarded files in WhatsApp

In addition to fixing a bug, the messenger It has undergone other upgrades in recent weeks, with new functionality added. Users can now add or even edit descriptions in forwarded messages. In the testing phase, people reported the issue with the concerned error about media downloads.

It is worth noting that the bug and the new function are not related, but both have passed careful evaluation by the developers. The company’s version of the app should also receive the news soon, along with Messenger. Users will have to download the app again to get rid of the problem.

The new redirected media description feature has been one of the main points of interest for Meta app users. It has already started releasing the functionality to some beta testers and promises to be useful for those who forward media files and documents via WhatsApp on a daily basis, but end up getting overwhelmed by the amount of items sent.

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Until now, there is no information about the date when it was made resources It will be publicly available, and it will not reach those on iOS, but it will likely arrive after the evaluation steps are completed.