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Take-Two • Eurogamer.pt says services like Xbox Game Pass are meaningless for big launches

Take-Two • Eurogamer.pt says services like Xbox Game Pass are meaningless for big launches

For catalog games only.

Take-Two was asked again about their opinion of services like Xbox Game Pass and their ability to release games on them, but CEO Strauss Zelnick said they think the same, they’re good for catalog and not premiere.

According to Zelnick, thanks to JamespotThe perspective on the services is the same and even wondering if they are really helpful to all parties involved.

“Our opinions remain the same, and we think the subscription model might make sense for the games in the catalog. But it doesn’t make sense even for major releases.”

“For any business model to make sense in the entertainment space, it has to work with both entertainment content creators as well as entertainment consumers., who really want access to a lot of products.”

“But if we’re talking about a high-profile launch, the economic details are hard to fathom,” Zelnick said.

The Take-Two CEO also says there are important differences from non-interactive services like Netflix to video game-focused services, particularly in patterns and time of consumption.

“Linear entertainment consumers consume approximately 150 hours of programming per month. Perhaps over 100 different titles. In the case of interactive entertainment, consumers consume approximately 45 hours per month and that could be one, two, three or four titles. But it is Certainly not 100 titles.”

Zelnick says that the subscription model may not make sense to the vast majority of consumers and that they prefer to wait and see on a case-by-case basis, preferring to use it in catalog games.

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