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Learn how to find out if your iPhone passwords have been leaked

One of the most important features on the iPhone is password monitoring. Some users are still unaware of the tool, but it can be a solution to many problems. The functionality is native to iOS and saves your login information so you can see if the data has been leaked.

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Thus, consumers of Apple iOS devices have an additional method of protection. However, it is necessary to enable the function within the system settings.

When the device detects a problem, the user is notified that their passwords have been changed. The purpose is to prevent data leakage to third parties.

Learn how to enable password monitoring on iOS

– Step 1

Find the “Settings” option on iOS and click on the “Passwords” tab. Then go to Security Recommendations.

– Step 2

Activate Hacked Password Detection feature. Thus, it is possible to make the system monitor internet leaks that include your data. This monitoring has access to several services.

Learn how to check if your password has been leaked

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– Step 1

Go to the “Settings” option on iOS. Then click on the “Passwords” tab.

– Step 2

As in the previous chart, tap on Security Recommendations. This is the option used to detect data leaks to other sites.

Therefore, the tool will indicate the passwords and information that have been leaked. In addition, the user will be able to access a link to solve the problem. Simply click on “Change password on site”.

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It is also possible to specify the name of the service to access more information.

– Step 3

Check all available information about the leak that occurred. The user has the opportunity to change or delete the password. Both options will be implemented directly on the service website.

An important tip to ensure the security of your data is also to use the Keys feature in iCloud. Keep your data safe and monitor your password usage.

Take advantage of the tip to ensure the security of your data with iCloud Keys.