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Gabrielle Medina Shares Jasmine Brunet's Romantic Flick: "CaliVibes" - Celebrities

Gabrielle Medina Shares Jasmine Brunet’s Romantic Flick: “CaliVibes” – Celebrities

Gabriel Medina and Yasmine Brunet (Image: clone/Instagram)

Gabriel Medina NS Jasmine Brunet Enchanted Internet users with a picture shared by the browser through his profile on social networking sites, this Thursday (26/08) noon. In a flick, he is shown holding his beloved on his lap, while both print a passionate smile in front of the beach.

The couple is in California, United States, and whenever they can, they post posts to show their followers their daily lives. In the explanation of the post, Gabriel he wrote: “Caliphips”, tags Yasmin the photographer, Gabriel Naka |.

In the photo sequence, he sees the mathematical record putting a flower in hair brunetteCompletes the romantic scene. Friends and fans of the couple released many compliments, glorifying the love between them. “I have a candle here already, light it, what a vibi, He said Michael Rodriguez; “God’s greatest gift of love! God bless you so much”commented on f; “The Last Brazilian Romantic”Another joked.

It is worth remembering that when the World Surfing ChampionshipAnd Yasmin make support function Gabriel, who lost the quarrel in the quarter-finals to another Brazilian, the surfer David Silva. “you are my hero”The model wrote when posting pictures of the two of them exchanging kisses and glances while in the shower.

Medina He also shared his thanks for his wife’s support: “I love you, my love. Thank you for everything.”The surfer said.

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