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Tom Cruise’s car was stolen in the UK during the shooting of ‘Mission Impossible 7’

The actor’s car was recovered, but the thieves took the personal belongings that were in it

Reproduction / Instagram / tomcruiseTom Cruise scores Mission Impossible 7 in the UK

Actor’s car Tom Cruise Stolen in Birmingham, UK, while he was filming scenes from the movie “Mission Impossible 7A BMW X7, valued at around R$800,000, was parked across the street from the hotel where the Hollywood star is staying. He also revealed it Sixth pageThe thieves had experience with technology and were able to unlock the car without using a key. Inside the car will be part of the actor’s luggage and some personal belongings, which are added to the “thousands of pounds”. The case was taken care of by the local police department and Cruz’s car was recovered “shortly after” about 5 kilometers from where he was standing, but the thieves seized what was inside the car, the newspaper said. Watchman. The artist’s trip to the UK will not go unnoticed and he has caused a stir when appearing in public. When shooting some outdoor scenes for the movie, fans flocked to see the star up close. The film, which stopped recording last year due to the pandemic, is scheduled for release in May 2022.

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