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Jojo Tudinho radically changes his appearance and surprises fans;  look

Jojo Tudinho radically changes his appearance and surprises fans; look

Jojo Tudinho has changed his hair again. This Thursday (28), the 26-year-old singer wore an extension with long curly strands and blonde highlights. The result of the change was shown on social media. He wrote in the caption of the photo: “Casinhos.” In addition to offering many compliments, netizens took advantage of the moment to quote a famous phrase from the singer, who made honesty one of her defining characteristics: “Whoever criticizes you has those braids?!” No, one fan commented.

The phrase “Who criticizes you…” became a meme on social media after the singer recorded a video in which she advised her followers not to pay attention to criticism and obscene comments from others, saying: “Whoever criticizes you will pay your bill?” No!”, the singer said in an excerpt from the recording.

The artist who underwent obesity surgery last August She will undergo plastic surgery in July 2024. She commented on the matter on social media this week. In addition to having her silicone breast implants changed for smaller models, she will undergo a tummy tuck and liposuction.

Earlier this month, JoJo said she had lost 33kg since undergoing bariatric surgery. The singer shared a group of photos taken before and after losing weight. She used to weigh 146 kg and now she weighs 113 kg. The actress reiterated that undergoing the surgery, which is recommended for those suffering from severe obesity, was “the best option,” and stressed that she does not care about the opinions of others.

“I have always loved myself, and now even more so. Don't expect a 38-size woman from me, I will never be that way and I don't want to be that way. Respect me, I am a 'horse', and only I can decide whether I will reduce my breasts or my butt. “I appreciate the love and support, but I don't need your opinion.”

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Before the operation, the singer had already adopted exercise and a healthy diet, which made her lose weight as well. She stopped training due to the care required after surgery, but returned to the gym in October and resumed CrossFit classes in November, after approval from her medical team.

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