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Gabriel the Thinker composes music for his new girlfriend

love story between Gabriel the thinker And 20-year-old marketing student Gabriela Vicente is the subject of the singer’s new single, which hits digital platforms next Friday (11). A girl from Garopaba tells about dating in a playful and irreverent way, and comments on moments of overwhelming passion and age difference of over 20 years.

“I’ve always liked taking care of my privacy. To protect little Gabi and our peace in a pandemic, we decided to leave him, without hiding, but without showing either. There came a time when what was boring was keeping a secret and when the idea for the song came up I didn’t want to censor myself,” he said. Gabrielle: “We laugh a lot about these things, but she also supported me a lot in the sad times, like when I lost my dad and we were already dating.”

In the lyrics of the song, the singer also reveals that his inspirational muse traveled to visit him without notifying the family. Gabriela Vicente is 20 years old and was studying at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, in Florianopolis, when she accepted an invitation to visit Rio for the second time, after previous meetings with Gabriel in her state. Little did the two know that “things were going to get serious,” Pensador says in the lyrics, and his mother’s surprise upon discovering the trip caused tension at the time, but is now a joke in the music. The girl from the small town ended up moving her path to the wonderful city.