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Elizabeth Olsen, who has been in business since 2019, is hinting that she is actually married to Robbie Arnett

Elizabeth Olsen, who has been in business since 2019, is hinting that she is actually married to Robbie Arnett

Seeing Paul Bettany can already be jealous: By all indications, Wanda is already married! Or rather, who seems to have made the union official is actress Elizabeth Olsen, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Crimson Witch, who has been engaged to musician Robbie Arnett since July 2019 — and during an interview she may have abandoned herself to the point that she ended up with. Climb the aisle next to the beloved.

According to E! Entertainment Television, the actress participated in an episode of Actors on Actors, produced by Variety Studio, to talk about the success of the WandaVision series and her upcoming projects. And during this chat she ends up referring to Ruby as her husband in a very natural way! All because she chose to conduct the interview in a place in her home that would make Sabrina Sato proud: the bathroom!

– I’m in the bathroom. I stayed in the UK for seven months and came back two days ago, and my neighbor does a lot of yard work. I can still hear it while I’m in the farthest bathroom.

In doing so, the WandaVision star ended up noticing an ornament appearing in the background, and indicated that Ruby was going to put together a children’s book, telling the stories of a witch girl, along with items to symbolize her performance as a famous witch:

– I also noticed that my husband put on Little Miss Magic [no fundo]. You know, Little Miss Books? They are classic books but magical [é] Because of WandaVision, because it’s so cute!

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So, presenter Kaley Cuoco, who was talking to Elizabeth, decided to provoke the actress about life together:

– I love that he made the design for you today. He did a lot… Is there a craft service too? What else does he do?

Although Olsen chose to keep it secret, she ended up revealing something cute about the couple’s routine:

– I made him breakfast.

The first rumors that the couple would be in a relationship surfaced in February 2017, and since then, their only public appearance together came in September of the same year, during a pre-Emmy party. Even after news of the couple’s engagement reverberated in 2019, the couple seems to prefer keeping their relationship out of the spotlight. Cute, isn’t it?