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For HBO Max executives, news and sports on broadcast should be rethought

For HBO Max executives, news and sports on broadcast should be rethought

HBO Max only arrives in Brazil at the end of June, but, at least in the US, the service has been banging its head around trying to find the best format to deliver some of its content. According to one WarnerMedia CEO, there are still questions about how to deliver news and sports material on the streaming platform, as the logic with cable TV is very different.

The discussion arose during a presentation to shareholders last Thursday (3). Specifically, the big challenge is adapting these programming and content concepts well to new formats that cater to the audience that will consume them on a digital platform, said Andy Forsell, CEO of HBO Max. According to him, change is necessary and it is being planned at the moment.

In the case of sports, Forssell points out that the idea is not to simply repeat what Turner Sports did up to then, as other content should be linked to this attraction and that everything is different in this digital world. Same thing with the news. In the US, CNN is also linked to WarnerMedia and the company’s discussion of whether or not the broadcaster’s content is something that stands independently, outside of HBO Max.

This is all because, according to the Executive, WarnerMedia’s main focus is on streaming videos, which necessitates this shift in the logic around content that only has live content. In the case of CNN, one possibility that is being broadcast behind the scenes is that journalists and presenters can produce content and even programs on different topics and their interest, specifically to expand the show to an audience.

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Finally, Forssell highlighted that 2021 and 2022 should be a lot of experiences not just for HBO Max, but for all the media companies with some streaming services, as everyone should figure out the best ways to present and distribute your content to an audience – which includes movies and cinemas There is, too.

In Brazil, HBO Max arrives on June 29 and will also feature sports content on its network, including UEFA Champions League matches.

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