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From Lagoa da Prata, a biology student shares science-related content on social media

From Lagoa da Prata, a biology student shares science-related content on social media

Between two Adventure, passion and studylagobratense Luciana Laibeor @lulu_da_biologyAs she is known, she shares her routine on social media in a light and fun way. Are you already following it?

Lulu, a biology student at UFLA, said she decided to showcase her curiosity in her field of study because she knew it could have a positive impact on someone's attitudes toward biology.

“I see the world as full of limiting beliefs due to lack of information, and I once thought that counting stars caused warts on my finger. An opinion is a personal and individual judgment on a subject. As for the truth, it is facts and elements that correspond to reality. As for the scientific methodology, it is characterized by a series of steps that seek, through experimentation, to reach a specific result. “In this way, it is possible to make scientific knowledge accessible to everyone.”

(Photo: Luciana Laibi/Personal Archive)

For Lulu, what inspires her most to create science-focused content is “all life that exists.”

“From the life cycle of an animal to the process of plant photosynthesis. The prominence in glorifying scientific knowledge brings so much curiosity and teachings that it has awakened in me the need to share all my inner self with the world. And of course, knowing that I can help other people who face doubts similar to those that I had when I started my biological sciences course, and other possible questions that might arise along the way.

But in addition to her studies, Lulu also shares many wonderful adventures on her journey.

“I have had so many experiences that it would be difficult to mention just one, but the training I did at VIVA Verde Azul, which focused on marine biology, where I now work as an ambassador, was a glorious experience that left memories. My soul. It was “40 days filled with so much learning, personal growth and adventures, where every new day was like Christmas morning. In fact, I want to leave the institute's Instagram page so everyone can learn more about the project: @vivaverdeazul.”

It's just the beginning

The student is still taking the first steps in her career but already knows where she wants to go.

There is a quote from one of my favorite series that says: “There is no right path in art or in life. Sometimes there is no path and you have to tear down walls and make your way through the forest to get where you want.' Inspired by these words, I see the necessity of abandoning pre-established patterns, overcoming obstacles and creating my own path, often through innovation and overcoming challenges, but always in God's time. I live each day intensely, knowing that with a simple smile, I can brighten someone else's journey. I try to maintain a morning routine full of dedication, exercise, reading, yoga, and planning, even on days when my biggest desire is to lie down. When I think about my future, I aim to reach the end of my life with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I was able to leave the planet a little better than I found it. I have great projects that I hope to achieve one day. Ultimately, I want to repay all the effort and dedication that my family and friends have devoted to me.”

(Photo: Luciana Laibi/Personal Archive)

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