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Rain of fish in Iran arouses the curiosity of residents;  Explains science

Rain of fish in Iran arouses the curiosity of residents; Explains science

In the past few hours, a video has gone viral in which fish are seen raining from the sky YasujIn the willUnder a sky covered with clouds. It is possible to see large fish falling from the sky, and remaining alive even after colliding with the ground.

Although it is strange, this is not the first time this phenomenon has been documented and there is a scientific explanation for its occurrence.

phenomenon – In addition to fish, other similar rain events have been documented for frogs or other creatures. These cases are known by meteorologists as fortified rain. It must be made clear that this is not rain in the strict sense of the word, as the fish do not evaporate from the ground and do not condense in the clouds.

Suck – Inside the water pipe, the pressure drops dramatically and a suction effect is created, along with a strong upward wind on the walls of the funnel. The weakest streams leave winds exceeding 60 km/h, and the strongest easily exceed 150 km/h. The Fujita scale classifies tornadoes into five categories based on the damage caused and the intensity of the winds.

When passing through a shallow lake, the water column can absorb not only water but also fish and other lake creatures in its path. The fish are then lifted to a high altitude and transported a certain distance from the lake, generating what we know as “fish rain.” Marine creatures can sometimes ride updrafts and freeze at high altitudes.

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