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Former 'Casita e Planeta' attacks Christian Bellagio: 'Too fat for TV' |  Famous

Former ‘Casita e Planeta’ attacks Christian Bellagio: ‘Too fat for TV’ | Famous

Marcelo Madureira made comments against journalist Christian Bellagoreproduction

in a day

Posted on 06/24/2021 3:09 PM

Rio – Marcelo Madureira participated in the program “Na Lata” by Antonia Fontenelle, last Wednesday (23). During the live broadcast, the actor known for participating in the now extinct “Casseta e Planeta”, on TV Globo, commented on Viral video of Christian Bellago losing patience with the GloboNews team فريق. It was then that the comedian said the journalist did not fit the standard of beauty supposedly on television.

“Too fat for TV,” said Marcelo. “She’s too fat for TV and I never thought she was a good journalist. I’ve always thought she’s too fat and unsympathetic. I’ve always been a fan of being Bonnie. [José Bonifácio de Oliveira Sobrinho, ex-diretor da emissora]. If I were him, I’d take it off the air and say, “You’re going to be on a diet and you’re going to be cute,” the 63-year-old declared.

Not satisfied, the artist began to criticize the costumes used by the Red Globo journalists. “A TV Globo I don’t like it very much, but it should ‘slap’ the press. The clothes that reporters wear, time announcers, what a terrible outfit our lady,” the comedian said during the live broadcast. accept the competition.

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