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Luciano Xavier was admitted to hospital after re-infection with the COVID-19 virus

Luciano Xavier was admitted to hospital after re-infection with the COVID-19 virus

Actor Luciano Xavier, 52, was taken to Samaritano Hospital, south of Rio de Janeiro, after he tested positive for coronavirus for the second time.

According to a column by journalist Fabia Oliveira of the newspaper O Dia, Sasha’s father is in stable condition and is on the 10th day with symptoms.

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram/szafirficial/Luciano Xavier was hospitalized after being infected again with the COVID-19 virus

The column found that the actor took the first test after feeling bad, but the result was a false negative. As the symptoms persisted, Luciano Xavier took the test again and was found to have contracted the COVID-19 virus again. The first time the actor fell ill was last year.

Since the symptoms were initially mild, such as headache and fever, he self-isolated and stayed at home. However, on Tuesday, 22, he was hospitalized and using a direct-nose respirator.

Also, according to the column, the actor has not yet been vaccinated, since the vaccination campaign has not reached his age group.

Re-infection with COVID-19

Not because a person with COVID-19 should relax in their care. Quite the contrary. There is a chance of infection again and the disease can appear with much stronger symptoms again.

The discovery was made by researchers from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Viocruz), the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and the Dor Institute for Education and Research (EDOR).

The study evaluated the incidence of reinfection in Rio de Janeiro, which showed that patients developed a more severe inflammatory response in the body and more severe symptoms compared to the first infection.

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According to the researchers, this infection was not linked to any type of coronavirus, which has dispelled the belief that the second infection is caused only by new strains such as Brazil, the United Kingdom and South Africa.