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Flamengo won Atlético-PR on the comeback and opens an advantage in the Copa do Brasil

Flamengo won Atlético-PR on the comeback and opens an advantage in the Copa do Brasil

ESPN.com.brJuly 5, 2023, 22:26Reading: two minutes.

Flamingo had won Atletico Public Relations By 2 to 1, this Wednesday (5), in the Maracana, quarter-final first leg of Brazil Cup.

Cannobio did for Hurricane. Pedro scored from the penalty spot and Bruno Henrique for Robro Negro, who opened an advantage in the semi-finals.

In the first half, the Rio team had more possession of the ball most of the time, but the Paraná team was more efficient. In the only big chance he had, Canobio opened the scoring for Atlético in the eighth minute. Flamengo, in turn, were afraid on only two occasions: in the free kick taken by Arascaita in the 15th minute and in Polgar’s header, which Pinto defended in the 45th minute.

But in the second half, Sampaoli’s team came back with pressure. Until 6 o’clock, Arascaita was hit by Madson in the leg inside the area. The referee awarded a penalty kick after reviewing the video assistant referee. Pedro turned and left everything untouched at the Maracanã.

The goal sent Atletico back and calmed Robro Negro, who continued to lead in search of a comeback. And she came. In the 25th minute, Arascaita hit a free kick, and Bruno Henrique beat Fernandinho on top and headed in to make Flamengo second. The detail is that the number 27 has just replaced Victor Hugo.

Next, Sampaoli promoted the debut of Luiz Araujo. In his first minutes in the red and black jersey, the striker made a beautiful pass to Bruno Henrique, who tried to cover Pinto and saw the ball go close to the crossbar.

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In addition, Atlético still tried to fight back, but Florida closed out to walk away with the victory.

Bruno Henrique celebrates Flamengo’s goal against Atlético – PR in the Copa do BrasilBuddha Mendez/Getty Images

Brazil Cup standings:

With the win, Robro Negro plays to tie the lead. On the other hand, Atlético needs to win two goals apart to qualify. Or for anyone to make the decision penalties.

The return duel will take place next Wednesday (12), at 9:30 pm, in Arena da Baixada.

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