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Fla runs XV de Ja and takes the lead at Copenha in a tense match

Fla runs XV de Ja and takes the lead at Copenha in a tense match

In a tense match full of cards, Flamengo beat XV de Jaú 2-1 on Sunday (8) and advanced to the second stage of the Sao Paulo Cup.

  • Jean Carlos and Rodrigueno scored the goals for Robro Negro. Mateus Magallanes opened the scoring for XV de Jaú.
  • Sao Paulo had a player sent off in the first half, which was marked by the hot weather on the field.
  • With this win, Fla got 7 points and qualified as first place in Group 5 (there were 2 wins and a draw).
  • XV de Ja stopped at the three points and was eliminated; Four out, Floresta moved into second.

curiousity: Flamengo used to play the crowd for their own good, and was pressured from the stands at Gao and booed a lot. Even referee Renan Pantoja stayed on, cursing a lot since the 15th player was sent off in the first half.

the game

Controversial goal. Flamengo complained a lot about XV de Ja’s goal. On display, goalkeeper Dyogo underperformed and collided with the goalie on the origins of the move. He fell to the ground, and in the sequence, Mateos Magallanes pushed the net. The goalkeeper even showed the referee that he was hit in the mouth, but the judge did not listen.

hot climate. The controversy over the goal intensified the match. In the 18th minute, in a step close to the touchline, the players were surprised and exchanged blows, but the referee appeased them.

red. The tense climate did not yield in any other way. In the 26th minute, Caio left his arm on Felipe Lima’s face, and since he had already received a yellow card, he took the second and went to the locker room earlier.

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into a vein. With a numerical advantage, Flamengo calmed the game and reached a draw with a wonderful goal from outside the area. Jean Carlos took the vein in the middle of the street to leave everything alone.

Doodle, Rodrigueno. Flamengo got everything back in the second half and almost extended it after a nice move by Rodrigueno, who lined up, and passed three cross marks to Ryan Luca, who finished the match at the top of the standings.

Transformation. And it was Rodrigueno himself who scored the turning point for Flamengo. Finished by Felipe Lima, the ball deflected into the marking and left free for the player to finish with his right leg.


1 x 0. XV de Jaú opened the scoring after 8 minutes of play. After crossing the ball into the area, Flamengo’s defense could not get it out, and after hitting the area, the ball was left free to be scored by Mateus Magallanes. And goalkeeper Diogo complained at the show about a mistake.

1 x 1. Flamengo equalized with a wonderful goal in the 39th minute of the first half. Jean Carlos caught a left-hander from distance and hit the corner, with no chance to defend.

2 x 1. Rodrigueno switched to Flamengo in the 16th minute of the last stage in an opportunistic effort. After a kick by Felipe Lima, the ball was deflected into the XV de Jaú defense and left for him to complete with his right foot.

data sheet

Flamengo 2 x 1 XV de Jaú
competition: Sao Paulo Junior Football Cup
Place: Zezinho Magalhães (The Fifteenth of Jaú)
date and time: January 8 (Sunday), 7:30 PM (Brasilia time)
Rule: Renan Pantoja
Yellow cards: Ryan Lucca and Iago Weverson (Flamingo); Cayo (twice) and Rafael Cruz (15th from Gao)
Red cards: Cayo (VX of Jaú)
Objectives: Mateus Magalaes (8 minutes into the first half), Jean Carlos (39 minutes into the first half); Rodrigueno (16 minutes into the second half)
Flamingo: Diogo Alves; Phillip Bryan, Yago, Darlan, Z Wellington; Jan Carlos, Weverson; Wallace, Rodrigueno; Felipe Lima and Ryan Luca. Technical: Marcio Torres
fifteenth of joe: Vitor. Guilherme, Mathios Magallanes, Raphael, Thales; Caique, Fernando Bahia, Luis Fernando, Cayo; Joao Pedro and Cassiano. Technical: Ricardo Costa

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