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Corinthians visit Palmeiras to confirm their place in the Brazilian Women's Final;  know everything

Corinthians visit Palmeiras to confirm their place in the Brazilian Women’s Final; know everything

Corinthians live another crucial afternoon with their team of Women’s football On this Saturday. At 2 pm, Timão set, against Palmeiras, the first finalists for Brasiliao. The stage of the game will be Allianz Parque.

The Alvinegra team arrives at the match with the advantage of the result achieved in the first match, which they won by a score of 2 to 1. Thus, Timão guarantees the ranking not only if he wins the derby, but in the event of a tie by any result. .

In addition to the result of the first match Timao It is also in his interest to think of the general reactionary confrontation. On the other hand, this afternoon, Corinthians will not count on Vail’s support and will play against Palmeiras’ lone supporters.

So that you, fan, stay on top of all the information about the duel, and My dream Match details below. paying off!


After saving his team midweek against Sao Paulo, for Paulista, coach Arthur Elias must send his team onto the field with full force. For the match, he also has a comeback gearing, who lost his first semi-final while participating in the U-20 World Cup. On the other hand, the coach will not have tamireshanging in the third yellow.

Thus, a possible Corinthian would have: Layla. Diani, Andressa, Tercian, and Yasim; Gabi Zanotti, Gabi Morris, and Jacqueline; Gabe Portillo, Adriana and Jennifer.

My dream


Referee Edina Alves Batista was chosen by the Brazilian Confederation to launch the decisive derby whistle. She will be assisted by Newsa Ines Back and Fabrini Bevilacqua Costa. The person in charge of the VAR is Diane Caroline Muniz dos Santos.

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how to follow

This afternoon’s match will have multiple broadcast options. On TV, the fencing will be shown by space saver On the open network and by Sport TV in closed channels. In addition, it is possible to watch the game online, on the broadcast platform of Elevensports – Enough click here to access the game.

Finally, the derby can still be followed in real time and narrative My dream In the Youtube. Both bid separately and He lives Start an hour before the ball rolls, at 1pm, and update fans on everything happening at Allianz Park.

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