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For Anna Clara, Lina admits to the participant's "crush"

For Anna Clara, Lina admits to the participant’s “crush”

During the program “Fora da Casa” (Multishow) with Ana Clara, Lina and Natália commented on the relationships inside the house “BBB 22″ (TV Globo). The announcer asked the duo what kisses they gave during their confinement and Lena replied that the kiss she wanted didn’t happen, without revealing the names.

“The kiss I wanted didn’t happen. Are we telling the truth?” the singer joked. Then Anna Clara remembered that Lena kissed Maria who kissed Ellie who kissed Natalia.

“Natalia missed kissing me,” Lina added. As for the brother or sister who could kiss, but did not kiss, Lena preferred to keep it a secret. “Imagine if you were in the middle of that square…,” he said.

BBB 22: Lina reveals she wants to be involved, but without saying who

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What phrase did the brothers use that marked “BBB 22”?


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