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Temple and Balmoral light up Independence Day celebration with LIFE project

Temple and Balmoral light up Independence Day celebration with LIFE project

The Balmoral Group and the temple management hosted a three-day festival, the first of its kind, called the “Lagos Independence Festival of Excellence” (LIFE), to appreciate Nigeria’s rich history and showcase Lagos as a center of excellence and the entertainment capital of Africa.

This event, which is meant to be an annual celebration of Nigeria’s diversity, unity, culture and independence, is designed to immerse Nigerians in a world of fun, education, entertainment and an appreciation of our rich heritage.

From 1-3 October 2022 at the Federal Palace Hotel, an emblematic building that hosted the signing of the Nigerian Declaration of Independence in 1960, families will gather for an unlimited experience.

Unveiling the cultural feast at a recent press conference at Ogidi Studios, Lekki, Lagos, The Temple Company founder, Idris Olurunimbi, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Balmoral Group to redirect attention to Nigeria’s Independence Day celebrations.

“Why does Nigeria’s Independence Day look like a funeral? After a few morning speeches, we all sat at home with our children. On the Fourth of July, the world celebrates the independence of the United States. Olurunyimbi said life is our way of celebrating our country, we don’t intend to do Jabba, we aim to give those who have Jabba a reason to go home.”

Shedding more light, Winifred Okpabe, Head of Strategy, Temple Management, revealed that the festival will be divided into a day and night series, catering to the unique needs of children and adults.

He pointed out that the An-Nahar series will present a wonderland for children. An interactive city that allows children to develop all the skills needed to grow throughout their lives. It will also have a Naija Flavors section that explores the best of Nigerian food and culture in ways never seen before. A leadership training session will also feature experienced speakers.

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Likewise, the Nighttime series will cater to movie premieres, concerts, white parties, comedy nights, and even music legends night.

“The experience is designed to be completely different from anything that has been done before during the country’s independence anniversary,” Okbabe added.

The CEO of Balmoral Group, Ezekiel Adamo, stressed why the event was mandatory. According to him, the lack of brightness and indifference that has always greeted the celebration of Independence Day on October 1st will be corrected by the LIFE Festival.

“There are two heads coming together and we think about it. In fact, October 1st does not have to be like a funeral. For example, Balmoral offers a network of places to host this event. Other festivals like Diwali are celebrated like no other.

“We feel that the narrative of celebrating Nigeria’s independence is changing and we have to do something about it. Most of the time, Independence Day is when everyone stays home. We don’t do anything. It’s just the talk we hear [from the president] 7 am. We aim to create an educational event for children and fun for adults. He added that we have the intention to start this year.

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