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Fantastic 50 Years: Mr. M with Cid Moreira, Crystal Tears, ET’s Autopsy and Other 90s Classics |  fiftieth anniversary

Fantastic 50 Years: Mr. M with Cid Moreira, Crystal Tears, ET’s Autopsy and Other 90s Classics | fiftieth anniversary

50 Fabulous Years: An Unforgettable Blend of ’90s Magic, Humor, and Investigation

A nostalgic encounter in the third episode of the special series that celebrates 50 years of Fantástico. Mr. M, the Masked Paladin, reviews the presenter Cid Moreira, who at the end of the 1990s narrated the scene in which Prince Surtelgeus unveils magic tricks. A success that entered the program’s history as well as the nicknames the caller used for the character.

“The first time I saw Fantástico, I heard Cid’s voice, the way the program put the picture together, and I thought it was amazing. Families got together and parents let the kids stay up late. And they never forgot it. The painting really touched people’s hearts here in Brazil” Senhor de Todos os Sigridos recalls.

Mr. M and Mr. Moreira – Photo: Reproduction

“Since I was a boy, I have been fascinated by the magic done in the circus and the theatre. Mr. M came to satisfy my curiosity,” continues Mr. Moreira, who is now 96 years old.

In addition to this special moment, the documentary also features a special edition of one of the most memorable depictions of humor in the 50-year history of Show da Vida. Created by actress Denise Faraga “fee” It was first broadcast in May 2000 and was based on a television remake of a real-life event starring the author of this story.

“I was very happy with this invitation to do ‘Portrait Spoken’ again and to be able to share in the history of this program that is part of my existence. It confirms that doing a Fantástico is a prize to be won in life,” actress Carioca said in a testimonial to the documentary. About the painting she made for the last time on the program in 2007.

In the video above, also see which investigative reports from 1993 to 2003 made history.

Watch the documentary in the video above

Here are some reports from the 1990s:

Mr. M – clip with BONDE DO TIGRÃO (2001)

Fantástico: Airport Security (1996)

Fantastic: Railroad Surfers (1997)

Fantástico: Corruption in São Gonçalo – Part 1 (2002)

José Giraldo da Cunha, Ricardo Crespo de Araujo and Miguel Nogueira were tried in the first instance trial. He was acquitted in the second stage in 2006.

Fantastico: Case Et de Varginha (1996)

Journal Nacional: Farce of the Girl Who Cried Crystals (1996)

Mr. M – The Guillotine Trick (1999)

Fantástico spends the turn of the millennium with a cult in a graveyard (2000)

Take Me Brazil – Your Lunga (2000)

They Just Think About It (2001)

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