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Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane admits the risky new series is a 'roll of the dice'

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane admits the risky new series is a 'roll of the dice'

Seth MacFarlane has admitted he has been “rejected” for pranks in the past and that new TV series Ted is a “roll of the dice”.

He's been behind some of the biggest comedies in recent years, including Family Guy and American Dad! And The Cleveland Show and The Orville.

One of his silliest characters, Ted, will get his own TV show with the teddy bear voiced by the 50-year-old actor, who appeared in the prequel to the 2012 film starring Alana Ubach, Scott Grimes, Max Burkholder and Georgia. Wiggum also stars.

Ted will premiere on Peacock in the US on January 11 and will be released in the UK later this year.

Seth is no stranger to controversy. Some Family Guy and Ted jokes have drawn backlash over the years; The last episode also included criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which did not please some viewers.

talk to me Metro.co.uk Before the release of his latest project, he was asked if anyone had removed the jokes.

Seth MacFarlane talks about 'rejecting' Family Guy jokes (Photo: WireImage)

“No… sometimes, every now and then,” he told us. “But at a channel that does a show like Family Guy, there's a broadcast standards department that says, ‘No, you can't do that.’ That's final, there's no negotiation.

“With streaming like Peacock or Hulu or Netflix, it's a little bit of a gray area, so, you might encounter resistance from time to time, but ultimately the responsibility kind of falls on you,” he said. “With the executive producer.

“I had to do some self-reflection about some of the things I was getting rejected for, and I thought: ‘Okay, is this funny enough?’ Is it right enough to stay in the series? So I guess I’m to blame for anything that crosses the line there.” .

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There have been some controversial Family Guy scenes over the years (Image: Rex)

“For the most part, Peacock and Universal kept their word that they wanted the movie to be like the movies, and they didn't want to water it down,” he continued.

“Ted” was a hit for a reason; They wanted the same bear and the same tone. In fact, they never gave up on it. In this regard, in fact, there was no dispute.

We first met Ted in 2012 in this rip-roaring big-screen adventure alongside Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Joel McHale.

Ted season 1

Ted returns to our screens with his own show (Image: Peacock)

Seth reprized his role as Bear in 2015's sequel and will return to the TV series surrounded by an all-new cast for the prequel.

“I think animation helps when a character doesn't age,” he continued, explaining how excited fans are for Ted's latest adventure. “Thanks to the miracle of CGI, Ted basically looks the same.”

“When you make a sequel after a long period of time has passed since the original, it's always a farce. The original Ted movie was in 2012, and the second one was in 2015, so it's been almost a decade since people have seen Ted. It's always a roll of the dice .

Ted season 1
Ted will premiere on Peacock on January 11 and will be released in the UK later this year (Image: Peacock)

“We don't know yet whether people are hungry for more Ted or whether it's been too long. I think, with the way shows are going, if I'm going to decide things, I think I'll be the first to decide.

“I think people will be excited and this will fill a comedy gap that I think has been open for a while.

“There's not a lot of hysterically funny stuff out there right now, and that's all we do.”

He may come!

Ted will premiere on Peacock in the US on January 11 and on Sky in the UK later in the year.

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