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Graduating from the University of the South Pacific has no appeal with Bin Laden's trip to the BBB 24

Graduating from the University of the South Pacific has no appeal with Bin Laden's trip to the BBB 24

The University of São Paulo's College of Communication and Arts (ECA-USP) graduation ceremony, which will be held on February 24, has MC Bin Laden as the only confirmed attraction. However, on Friday the 5th of this month, they were left without an artist to perform at the event after the funk artist's presence was confirmed at the Camarote do. Big Brother Brazil 24.

Hey condition Speaking to the musician's team, he said that “the company has more than 70 artists and they are sure to find another suitable replacement.” The report also attempted to contact the party's organizing company, Kap Formaturas, to find out who should replace the funk player at the party and his position, but received no response.

“We still don't have much information about the graduation status, we are with the company organizing the event [Kap] “Waiting for a situation from the artist’s production company to understand how to solve the problem of attraction,” commented student Laetitia Cangani, a journalism student and member of the graduation committee, when condition.

MC Bin Laden is the first fund announced at BBB 24 filming: Disclosure/Rede Globo

Camila Somera, a publishing student at the University of the South Pacific, told the report that the graduation committee is “in touch with the artist’s production company.” Like Letizia, she reiterated that she did not have any information other than this.

Pedrinho, producer of the MC Bin Laden series, said: condition Who was not aware of any such event and did not know “who sold it”. He then stressed that “in no case will the graduates be left in trouble.” “The company has 70 artists, and they will definitely raise someone to the level,” he added. When asked which company Pedrinho was referring to, he did not answer. The space remains open.

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Report contacted Kap Formaturas for a position and to find out who should replace the funk player at the party. to conditionThe organizers stated that they “have not yet obtained a position from the G56.” [produtora do MC Bin Laden]”.

“We have not yet secured a position from GR6 because they are on a break, but we are already seeing new possibilities to attract the graduation committee. We really hope that he will take advantage of the opportunity he has received,” they said.

Furthermore, Kap Formaturas said that the contract with MC Bin Laden has already been signed, as well as part of the fees paid. He added: “We have a good relationship with GR6 so I think we can solve the problem in the best way!”

He concluded, “Through our partnership with GR6, two artists have already been canceled and replaced by others of the same level.”

Hey condition I also wanted to know if the musician would be fined for the cancellation, but I didn't have any response at the time of publishing this post.

the report He tried to contact the press office of MC Bin Laden and GR6 for a job, with no response. The article will be updated when we receive feedback.