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Exclusive Smiles Club! Get up to 100% bonus on credit card transfers

The smiling progress Bonus up to 100% on credit card points transfer. Offer – valid until Friday (10) – is exclusive to Smiles Club members and offers a higher reward as per the customer’s club plan. The campaign includes all banking partners of the program, including LivelloAnd the Domain, iupp and PDA.


Check below how the campaign reward will be:

  • 100% bonus: 25,000* and 20,000 plan subscribers;
  • 90% Bonus: 10,000 and 7,000 plan subscribers;
  • 85% bonus: 5000 and 2000 plan subscribers;
  • 80% Bonus: 1,000 plan subscribers and Diamond customers.

* The 25000 plan is only available for select customers.

How to participate

  1. Register for the upgrade until 10/06/2022;
  2. Transfer points to Smiles until 10/06/2022;
  3. Get a bonus of up to 100%!

important information

  • Smiles cards do not participate in the promotion (co-branded);
  • There is a limit of 300,000 additional miles per CPF or family account;
  • To be eligible for the bonus, you must have registered before requesting a transfer of points from your card;
  • The bonus miles will be credited to your Smiles account until 06/28/2022;
  • This promotion is exclusive to Clube Smiles and/or Diamond customers;
  • Check with your bank for transfer conditions [esta matéria pode te ajudar!].

Travel with ease

Smiles offers a solution for program members to plan their next trip even with the uncertainty of the moment we live in. as such Travel with ease It is possible to issue a ticket without a mileage balance in the account up to 330 days in advance. You must decide whether or not to travel within 60 days of departure.

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Viaje Fácil also eliminates the risk of running out of a ticket that you found between transferring points and receiving the reward in your account.

Find out how Viaje Fácil works in this post.

Don’t have a Smiles Club?

If you are interested in being a part of Smiles ClubIn partnership with the program, we got a special condition: extra miles in your subscription! Check out the available plans:

Find out how the Smiles Club works.


The promotion has slightly different mechanisms compared to the recent campaigns that offered a fixed bonus to all Clube Smiles subscribers and Diamond customers. However, this is still a good opportunity, as the offer includes All banking partners From the program – including LivelloAnd the domain, iupp, pda.

It’s worth noting that the Smiles Club 25,000 plan is only available to select customers!

Thinking of taking advantage? To participate, sign up for promotion site.