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Servers are looking at alternatives to ensure a remaster later this year

Servers are looking at alternatives to ensure a remaster later this year

Posted on 06/08/2022 20:26

(Credit: Ed Alves/CB/DA Press)

After President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) announced, last Tuesday (6/7) in the morning, that There will be no readjustment of federated servers in 2022The union leaders representing the class are struggling to negotiate an increase that hasn’t happened in years, even with the surge in inflation since the start of the pandemic.

The National Union of Central Bank Employees (Signal) has sent a proposal to the President of BC, Roberto Campos Neto, demanding a 13.5% increase in the salaries of bank employees, as well as improvements to the health plan, the possibility of working at telework – when civil servants return to work face-to-face – And the exclusion of retirees and retirees from Decree No. 10.620, which includes them all in the INSS, which the union considers unconstitutional.

“We did not give up the fight. Some people have already given up, but we have not. We still believe that this business can be changed by 0%,” said Sinal president, Fabio Fayyad. This week, the Central Bank (BC) servers announced that the strike that It started on April 1 and will continue indefinitely.

In addition to the difficulties in negotiating with the leaders of the authorities, time is still running out for civil servants to get approval of the amendment with the federal government, because the time allowed for a potential increase is running out. The deadline for granting the amendment is July 3, exactly 180 days before the next president takes office in January next year, which is set out in the Budget Guidelines Act (LDO).

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The National Union of the Judiciary and MPU Workers (Fenajufe) is planning for next June 15 an offer of category servers in favor of a 19.99% adjustment, taking into account the initial target of the category, taking into account inflationary losses since 2019. In From the point of view of the union press and communication coordinator, it remains to be Fight to get the boost your class has been craving for this year.

We’re also trying to set a national date to see if we can do a big strike action. something presses it. There is a fair claim and no dialogue on the part of the government. We have reached the limit and no one wants to strike, but it is the tool that presents itself to the servers,” reveals coordinator Charles Brussels.

Regarding the possibility of reaching a 5% agreement on readjustment, Vinagov’s representative stated that he already doubted this rhetoric on the part of the government and criticized the president and his communication with the servers.

“The government is not talking and made up a story that they will give 5%. We have always seen that with a lot of skepticism and criticism, right? Because it is an insufficient indicator and also with distrust, because the government says something every day and we know that this is the government’s file. And now the news came Which if you wish, you will be given. So, we keep pressing the 19.99% key”, he repeats. “Nobody considers that we haven’t had a premium for years,” Bruxel concludes.

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Among the legislature’s staff, salary readjustment is also an agenda that remains. For President of the Federal Legislature Staff Union and the TCU (Sindilegis), Alison Sousa, the goal now is to try to ensure an increase in annual inflation parity, which is accumulating at 4.29% through April. The President justifies that the Financial Responsibility Act (LRF) prohibits granting an over-inflation adjustment in an election year.

In Sousa’s view, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has taken too long to announce that there will be no adjustment for this year, and continues to complain that the CEO – the only person with the power to grant amendments to the servers of the three different powers – has obstructed negotiations in all areas public authority. He notes that “not only did he increase the number of executive servers, but he also impeded the negotiations of others. This is very negative.”

The Sindilegis president also criticizes the lack of attitude towards the presidents of the Chamber and Senate. He explains that both houses have the budget to make such an amendment, but no initiative. “It is absurd that the House, the Senate, the UCLA employees, they don’t have a payroll redistribution on the pretext that they don’t have the money (in the legislatures), because there is money. What is missing is goodwill.”

* Trainee under the supervision of Pedro Gregory