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European midfielder: Abel Ferreira will leave Palmeiras when a big European team comes - 09/30/2021

European midfielder: Abel Ferreira will leave Palmeiras when a big European team comes – 09/30/2021

report from UOL Sports Today (30) revealed that Palm trees actually Preparing to lose coach Abel Ferreira At the end of the year, noting that he had already received proposals from three clubs in football European in his current champion Editors.

No UOL News SportRenato Mauricio Prado says that for Abel to decide to leave Palmeiras, he probably needs a more attractive offer regarding the level of clubs that have sought the Portuguese coach, such as Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine, Bordeaux, France and Fenerbahce. From Turkey.

“It will depend a lot on the proposals, all these teams are there, there is no club from the top shelf of European football, Fenerbahce in Turkey, which is a very strong team, there was Bordeaux, from France, but it is a smaller club., I think it will definitely come out on the day. Which a big club comes in,” says Renato.

“If tomorrow or today comes, I won’t even talk about Barcelona or real Madrid, but an English club, for example, Arsenal, something like that, and then I think he will leave. Now, I hope the neighbor takes. He complains a lot.”

The story of Abel Ferreira’s annoying neighbor was also the subject of the programme, with reporter Beatrice Cesarini making it clear that in reality there is no such neighbor, a metaphor the coach found to vent criticism of his work.

“There is no such neighbour, in fact the neighbour gets along with all those who criticize him from the press, commentators and fans, he wanted to create an embodiment of all those who criticize him and there is no such neighbour. There, they even spoke in his condominium. He gets along well with everyone on the Although he is a more reserved guy, he doesn’t talk to people all the time, he talks, but he gets along well with everyone,” says Beatriz.

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He concludes, “He gets along well with Crespo, who lives in the same apartment complex, trained from São Paulo and known by the guys for talking to everyone, saying good morning to the doorman and talking to the guys.”