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Flamengo and Palmeiras must get 12,000 tickets each for the Libertadores final

Flamengo and Palmeiras must get 12,000 tickets each for the Libertadores final

The Uruguayan and CONMEBOL authorities dream of owning 100% of the Centenario on November 27

In preparation for the Copa Libertadores final, in Montevideo, Uruguay, on November 27, CONMEBOL, the Ministry of Public Health and the country’s National Sports Minister are working so that the Centenário stadium can have 100% of its capacity (about 60 thousand people).

Sports Minister, Sebastian Bosa, confirmed to the newspaper graciousnessIn order to open the stadium to its full potential.

“We are working so that the Copa Libertadores final will be 100% of Centenário’s capacity.”

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Currently, Conmebol has guaranteed 50% capacity. But the progress of the vaccine in Uruguay, and the decline in the spread of the Covid-19 virus, makes the health authorities and managers of the entity in South America believe in the possibility of the existence of the stadium in full.

However, Buzza was careful to stress that, despite the desire, there was still no certainty that this would be possible.

“We are doing very well, but nobody has a crystal ball (to see how the Covid-19 infection will behave in the coming weeks).

Next week, CONMEBOL will hold a new meeting with the Uruguayan government to discuss the possibility of obtaining more than the 50% previously agreed upon.

Conmebol works with the following section of the stadium: the Olympic platform, which has a capacity of 24,000 people, will belong to the entity entitled to receive 50% of the total capacity of the stadium, the remaining 50% is shared with the clubs, that is, 25% each.

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Palmeiras and Flamengo will be the stands of Amsterdam and Columbus, who are behind the two goals. Each one fits 12,000 people. So, if the stadium has 100% of its free capacity, each club can have 12,000 tickets. The US stand, which can seat about 10,000 people, will be held by the press, local authorities and guests.

According to Goal, more than 2,000 Flamengo fans have already received travel packages to Uruguay to watch the Copa Libertadores final. In addition, convoys of fans are organized to get into the country.

However, the local authorities have not yet informed what are the requirements in the health protocol for tourists to enter the country. It is noteworthy that the Uruguayan borders are still closed.