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Electronic social fines for 2024: values ​​are updated, check it!

Electronic social fines for 2024: values ​​are updated, check it!

The fines imposed on those who fail to use eSocial have just undergone changes. Check for changes so you don't get hurt!

Recently, there has been an important update that all employers are concerned about: the Electronic social fines Other labor violations were amended for the year 2024.

If you are an employer, this information is especially relevant to you, because it is information that will avoid headaches. Let's go?

If you are an employer, it is a good idea to be aware of the new electronic social fines to avoid problems. paying off! / Photo: propaganda.

Understand what a sociopath is

in the beginning, Social It is a digital platform developed by the Brazilian government that aims to standardize and simplify the provision of employment, social security and tax information by companies.

It was created to facilitate compliance with legal obligations related to workers and reduce bureaucracy.

In this way, eSocial serves diverse stakeholders, including businesses of all sizes, local employers, government agencies, and workers.

Who is the platform intended for?

For businesses, eSocial is a central tool for sending information about their employees, such as payroll, employee records, and information about FGTS, Among others. This simplifies the process of complying with tax and labor obligations.

Now, for workers, the eSocial service contributes to ensuring their rights, as it monitors important information about their employment relationships, such as collecting social security contributions and labor rights.

In short, eSocial is a platform that aims to modernize and simplify the management of Work information In Brazil, making the process more efficient and transparent for all parties involved.

Social fines have just changed

Furthermore, as of February 1, 2024, fines related to non-compliance will be imposed Work obligations It saw a revision of 1.94%.

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This means imposing financial penalties on companies that do not follow the standards it has set Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) increased.

How is the amendment applied?

Let's look at some examples for better understanding. If you do not deliver Annual Social Information List (RAIS) During the legal deadline, the fine now starts at R$440.07, with an increase of R$110.01 for each two-month delay.

In the event of omission of information or delivery of false or inaccurate data to RAIS, the penalty starts at R$440.07, with an additional R$275.00 for each affected employee.

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What does this mean for employers?

Specifically with regard to eSocial, employers who do not provide the necessary information within the deadlines and legal forms, or who provide it with inaccuracies or omissions, will be subject to a fine of not less than R$ 440.07.

This amount may increase depending on the number of workers affected by the violations.

How to avoid social fines?

Finally, the best thing to do is to avoid the fines that may arise, so:

  • Always be organized and pay attention to set deadlines to avoid unnecessary fines;
  • It may be a good idea to get legal advice to ensure that all your employment obligations are up to date;
  • Investing in training your HR team can help avoid mistakes that lead to fines;
  • Using business management software can help keep all information organized and facilitate compliance with e-social obligations.
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Stay up to date with changes in work rules Electronic social fines are necessary for any employer.

This information helps avoid unpleasant surprises and ensures your company's legal compliance.

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