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The plateau and the treasury are detailed to cancel the salary interest cut | capital Cities

The reduction of interest on salary loans angered members of the Ministries of Finance and the Ministries of Civil and Institutional Relations

Members of the Planalto Palace and the Finance Ministry are considering alternatives to reverting the cut in the interest cap on the INSS payroll loan approved this week by the National Social Security Council (CNPS).

On Monday (3/13), a CNPS Reducing the interest ceiling from 2.14% to 1.7%. This measure was against the Treasury, the Civil House, and the Ministry of Institutional Relations, and prompted banks, including Caixa and Banco do Brasil, to suspend this type of loan.

Under reservation, palace ministers blame the head of Social Security, Carlos Lupe, for explaining the cut in interest rates in a “rushed” manner. Minister Lula warned about the expression, but the president asked to analyze it carefully.

For this reason, presidential aides believe that Lula’s rebuke to his ministers at the beginning of the week, due to prior announcements, was also directed at the social security portfolio holder.

Civic House and Treasury members heard by the column say they are already considering “alternatives” to reverse the NSC decision. But the challenge is to find a way out that does not affect the government’s popularity too much.

The payroll interest cap reduction was approved by the CNPS by a vote of 12 to 3. The council consists of representatives of the Ministry of Social Security, the Social Security Institute, retirees, retirees, workers and employers.

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