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Election results in Argentina:

Election results in Argentina:

Special envy for Buenos Aires, Argentina – The elections in Argentina move to a second round between the Peronist party Sergio Massa And the libertarian Javier Miley. As the count progressed on the night of Sunday the 22nd, the result was determined mathematically at around 10pm. After 97.04% of the votes were counted, Massa received 36.48% of the votes and the Liberals 30.04%. Patricia BullrichThe center-right party came in third place with 23.85% of voter preference.

Peronist dissident Juan Chiarte, from the “Let’s Do It for Our Country” coalition, received 6.82%, and Miriam Bregman, from the Union of the Left, received 2.69%. Only 2% of voters voted with blank ballots, while less than 1% canceled their ballots. Election day went smoothly. The participation rate of 74% was the lowest since the restoration of democracy in the country. In Argentina, voting is not compulsory.

The surprising result, since most opinion polls put Milli ahead and even with a chance of winning in the first round, shows the strength of Peronism, especially in the interior of the country and in the province of Buenos Aires, crucial in any election where a large part of the country’s population is concentrated.

In the province, Miley received 42.8% of the votes, compared to 25.7% for Millie. He also gained important advantages in the interior, in provinces such as Chaco, Santiago del Estero, Santa Cruz and Formosa, where the dominance of Peronist rulers was historical and the population depended on state aid.

The big question will be where Bullrich’s votes will go in the runoff scheduled for November 19. Historically a rival of the Peronists, especially since the arrival of the Kirchner family, Bullrich is also not highly regarded by Maile’s voters. Although she shares the candidate’s rejection of the left, she was subjected to severe attack in the first round. She only won in Buenos Aires, where she received 41% of the votes, followed by Massa in second place with 32%, and Mili with 20%.

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Miley has shown her strength in the poor northern provinces, such as Salta and Jujuy, and in the medium-sized provinces in the center of the country, such as Santa Fe and Cordoba.

Massa speaks to his supporters after the electoral victory in Argentina filming: Reuters/Reuters

In his speech after today’s victory, Massa waved at the center and called for a union with the Radical Civic Union, the historical rival of Peronism that supports Bullrich. “We need to build a new phase. I want to call on everyone who has the power to put an end to the idea of ​​destroying others to unite us.” “Polarization is dead.”

Miley, in turn, celebrated her arrival in the second round and spoke of “working together” to achieve victory, also referring to Bullrich. He added: “Everyone who wants change must work together.”

However, outside Miley’s headquarters, the atmosphere was disappointing. Darwin Jimenez Martinez, 21, and Facundo Ojeda, 24, said they were disappointed with the results. They expected Miley to win in the first round. They are both confident that Miley will win the second round.

As for Roberto Burgener (33 years old), Massa first exited this round due to the fear campaign he promoted against Miley. “They started filming short videos of Millie, with very terse and archaic sentences, to carry out a campaign of intimidation,” he says.

His friend Veronica Perini also reminds him of the lines about the dollar. “They said if Miley won, the dollar would explode, and people were afraid,” he says with a shrug.

In the early afternoon, Miley voted to congratulate her on her birthday, amid a loud uproar caused by her supporters at the entrance to the National Technological University in Palermo.

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Nearby, Bullrich cast his vote at around 1pm, in Sociedade Rural, also in the Palermo area. She voted quickly, unlike the primaries in which a candidate took more than 10 minutes to cast her ballot due to system difficulties.

Government candidate Sergio Massa voted early in his city and electoral stronghold, Tigre. He stated there that whoever takes office on December 10 as the new president “will have countless problems to solve.” He said in his networks that the country needs predictability.

President Alberto Fernández cast his vote in the morning in Buenos Aires. Fernandez stressed that everything necessary had been done for the electoral process to take place peacefully. Regarding his expectations for Argentina’s future, the president said: “We are in a democratic country. “What solves people is what solves people.”

Sergio Massa celebrates the results of the first round of elections in Argentina filming: Juan Mabromata/AFP