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4 benefits of having a dog at home, according to science

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fact, you have a dog Being at home has many benefits for people’s mental health. In this sense, did you know that they can help you reduce stress and even stay fit? Of course, owning a pet requires care, but all the effort can be worth it.

4 benefits of having a dog at home

If you have a dog or are considering adopting one and would like to know more about all the benefits it can provide you, be sure to read this article. Check out four advantages of having a dog at home below.

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Providing social support, especially for children

according to Study 2017Published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, there is evidence that having a pet helps young people develop intellectual, emotional and social aspects.

Children younger than six years old or older than ten years old were the most affected study participants. In this sense, those with pets were more active and social with other children than those without pets. Moreover, the first group also had stronger support networks.

Stress relief

I was Proved Spending a little time with a dog reduces feelings of anxiety and increases people’s sense of peace. In fact, many high-stress workplaces have implemented support dog programs designed to reduce employee anxiety.

Make children more responsible

In a 2019 article, Animal Humane revealed that according to A study About Animals in the Classroom Children who were taught with animals in the classroom had more developed social skills, such as responsibility and sharing. In addition, the parents of these children reported seeing less antisocial behavior than their children at home.

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Reducing allergies in children

Because of the animal hair, this might seem a little inconsequential. However, according to A.S Study 2018 Published by the US National Library of Medicine, Children who grow up with pets (And are exposed to common allergens) are less likely to develop asthma, allergies, and eczema than children who live in pet-free homes.

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