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Elden Ring's epic victory is interrupted by “Mosquito”.

Elden Ring's epic victory is interrupted by “Mosquito”.

Elden Ring is a game full of twists and turns: unexpected victories, surprising events and, of course, unexpected defeats. Reddit user rocker2021 showed just how cruel a FromSoftware title can be.

The player was facing off against Glinstsone Dragon Smarag in cooperation with another character. Combat requires that every move be executed with caution, as the dragon can stomp or release deadly breath from the gems. Just as the player finally defeats the dragon, the epic victory is suddenly interrupted by a Mosquito.

We did it! We killed the doctor
byu/rocker2021 inEldring

In fact, the creature is the head of a dragonfly, but it looks more like a giant mosquito. When Rocker2021 defeats the dragon, it is thrown away, and unexpectedly, the flying enemy deals a single blow that is enough to defeat the player.

In a Reddit post, the community enjoyed the case and how the epic moment was ruined by an unforgettable monster. “This dragonfly head must have felt extremely proud of killing the main character“, said one forum user.

Dragonfly head in Elden Ring.

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