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True Fact – The UK Ambassador to Brazil will ride the Maria Fumaza between São João del Rey and Tradentes.

Managed by Maria Fumasa, VLI – Logistics Solutions Company operating Terminals, Railways and Ports/Photography/Expression

Maria Fumaça, which attracts Brazilian and world tourists, will be the guest of UK Ambassador to Brazil Stephanie Al-Khaq this Thursday, February 23, who will learn about the history of the region with her family. Appointed by King Charles III, she was the first woman to head a British mission in Brazil.

The diplomat will visit train stations and board a specially scheduled tourist train at Campo das Verdenes (Minas Gerais) to take her from São João del Rey to Tradentes. He will take an authentic journey through the history and railway culture of Minas Gerais. This is because the María Fumasa, the oldest in operation in Brazil, offers a 12 km crossing through beautiful ecological diversity and landscapes that still preserve 19th-century architecture.

Marcus Januário, manager of the Trilha dos Inconfidentes Circuit, spoke about the importance of this Thursday’s visit. “Having a diplomat in our region is very important. Spread across our region to the UK, UK and Europe as a whole. This visit will definitely give us more tourism and cultural visibility and attract more investments.

Circuit of the Path of the Faithless

Established on August 28, 2000, the name was given due to the region’s history linked to the Inconfidentes Mineiros. The cities that comprise the circuit are part of the country’s independence history. In total, 26 municipalities are part of the organization. They are: Alfredo Vasconcelos, Antonio Carlos, Barbacena, Burroso, Carrante, Carrancas, Conceo da Barra de Minas, Coronel Xavier Chaves, Testero do Melo, Doors de Campos, Entre Rios de Minas, Ibituruna, Itudinga, Lagore de Tutinga, de Minas, Nazareno, Piedade do Rio Grande, Prados, Resende Costa, Ritápolis, Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio, Santa Cruz de Minas, São João del-Rei, São Tiago, Sao Vicente de Minas and Tiradentes.

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