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Due to the poor performance, ANS has stopped selling 31 health plans

Due to the poor performance, ANS has stopped selling 31 health plans

ANS has decided to stop marketing several health plans due to their poor performance. The novelty affects a total of 31 of these products, which are currently operated by nine different providers.

Operators were deemed ineligible to offer health plans, given the problem with their performance. Thus, considering that customers do not agree to these services, they are moved to the list of plans with pending marketing.

The full list containing all operators and plans was released on Monday (19) and can be easily consulted at ANS website. There it is possible to see a relationship with health plans that are included and those that are already included and are still suspended due to poor performance in services.

Find out more details about pending health plans

After a total of more than 46,000 negative reviews by customers and health plan subscribers in the first quarter of 2023, it was decided, along with the results of Service Assurance Monitoring, to hold these 31 reviews in particular, due to poor performance.

In this way, customers who are already subscribed retain access to the contracted benefits through their selected subscriptions. However, the nine service providers are expressly prohibited from selling and renting these listed services.

Therefore, these services, which today have more than 407,000 users, must show improvements in their software and user evaluation to offer health plans again.

When does the suspension for poor performance begin?

As revealed by the regulatory agency, the sales block should start around June 23 and cannot be extended.

Therefore, companies need to provide better results and customer ratings for the services provided in the coming quarters. Confirming that the health plans have improved their results, they should leave the suspension list for poor performance.

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However, even with these new members on the suspended list, another 15 have had their marketing licenses suspended again.