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Is the new Ram Rampage compatible with the Toyota Hilux?

Is the new Ram Rampage compatible with the Toyota Hilux?

Unveiled on Tuesday (20), the Ram Rampage is the first Ram designed and developed in Brazil and under high expectations. Can it compare to the Toyota Hilux? look.

New revolution

Launched on Tuesday (20), the new Ram Rampage is the most powerful and fastest pickup truck in Brazil.

For the daring mission, the model will feature three Laramie, Rebel and R/T versions, powered by the Hurricane 4 engine, which offers two 2.0 turbocharged engines, diesel and petrol for the three pickup configurations.

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The project that resulted in Rampage was carried out by more than 800 engineers and technicians in the country, with more than 1.2
1 million hours of development.

The new Ram truck alone is a target of R$1.3 billion, out of a total investment of R$16 billion that Stellantis has embraced for Brazil between 2018 and 2025.

The pre-sale for the new Rampage Rampage game starts starting tomorrow (22), at location Officially trademarked and will be available in dealerships in August.

Rampage Rebel Rampage (photo: disclosure)

Rampage x Hilux

To track the rift under the key features of the Ram and Toyota models, we’ll count entry versions of each one.

On the other hand, Ram offers the Rebel Turbo Diesel variant as an entry model for BRL 239,990, while the Hilux has a 2023 STD Power Pack for the job, for BRL 226,790 in the Single Cabin version.

Is the new Ram Rampage compatible with the Toyota Hilux?
Watch the comparison of the two trucks (Photo: Montage/Disclosure)


The Ram Rampage is the first car produced in South America to receive the Hurricane 4 engine from the manufacturer, which develops 272 horsepower and has a top speed of 220 km / h.

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In turn, the Hilux has a 2.8-liter turbocharged engine that is capable of developing 204 hp and 42.8 kg / m of torque in the simplest version.


The Rampage Petrol has a blast range of 8 km/l in the city and 10 km/l on the highway.

According to Inmetro, the Hilux’s consumption reaches higher levels, such as 10.1 km/l in the city and 11.3 km/l on the road.

Is the new Ram Rampage compatible with the Toyota Hilux?
Single cabin Toyota Hilux (Photo: Disclosure)

serial elements

Rampage, from the entry-level version, has such equipment as: seven airbags, nine-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive with low gear, 12.3-inch multimedia center with Apple Car Play and wireless Android Auto, black leather interior and Ram Connect platform, headlights Full HD front and rear, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping system, and collision alert.

The Hilux, in its simplest version, has such standard items as: two front airbags, a locking rear differential, ABS and EBD brakes, Hill Start Assist, stability and traction control, and automatic emergency braking light.


Developed under the influence of American designers, Rampage has a new body that enhances the muscles of the model.

In the Rebel version, the minivan has an off-road look with parts painted in black and graphite, as well as wheels and an exclusive trapezoidal grille.

The Hilux sports a sporty look in a sturdy, high-performance frame. The model has a modernized front grille with chrome detailing, as well as a restored visual cluster and a muscular look, just like its new competitor.

Is the new Ram Rampage compatible with the Toyota Hilux?
Single cabin Toyota Hilux (Photo: Disclosure)


The Ram Rampage is 5 meters long, 1.88 meters wide and 1.78 meters high and has a wheelbase of 2.99 metres.

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Toyota Hilux measures 5.32m in length, 1.85m in width, 1.81m in height and has a wheelbase of 3m.

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