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Do you feel back pain after training?  Know what to do

Do you feel back pain after training? Know what to do


Feeling back pain after a series of physical exercises may be normal, but when discomfort persists it is important to seek medical help.


I feel something specific Back discomfort After intense exercise is common, and can be a positive sign that the muscles were working well during the exercise. but, Not all pain is the sameIt is important to know how to determine when this is necessary Seek professional help.

Therefore, back pain, whether in the dorsal or lumbosacral regions, always needs treatment. Treat it properly It can never be considered normal.

According to orthopedic surgeon Victor Capone, pain in this area should be looked at carefully, especially when it is related to a disease. Practicing sports activity.

“This discomfort, restriction and shrinkage may be an indication of some disease or instability in the spinal area. You may also indicate, Some nerve pinching Or even some infection or tumor in the area, although rare.” Interview with Saúde em Dia.

What to do if you feel back pain after training?

However, according to the doctor, pain resulting from poor exercise “tends to be a Self-limited painWhich continues between Two to three weeks.

He stated that if the discomfort exceeds this number of days, the patient Need to see a specialist in the spine.

In more serious cases, doctors will perform a procedure Further investigations About symptoms.

Although he realizes that these pains can occur during exercise, Victor Capone revealed that physical activity is A great option for preventing diseases of the spineBecause it strengthens the muscles in the area.

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