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Just to avoid the baby?  no!  The IUD helps treat some health problems

Just to avoid the baby? no! The IUD helps treat some health problems

Larissa Cassiano, an obstetrician and gynecologist, explains that it is also used as a method of emergency contraception. If it is inserted within 72 hours of intercourse, pregnancy can be avoided.

It treats gynecological diseases, breast and cervical cancer. “For cancer cases that have hormonal contraindications, the copper IUD is an option, as its effect occurs through the release of copper ions without any hormonal effect, although the hormone in the IUD has few contraindications,” Casiano explains.

It treats endometrial infections and heavy menstruation. For Raimundo Nunes, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Hospital e Maternidade Pro Matre Paulista, the hormonal IUD is the first choice for treating endometriosis, not deep endometriosis.

Endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue remains outside the uterine cavity, i.e. in the ovary, tube or intestine, in various places. Thus, the device, by releasing hormones, reduces the action of estrogen on the uterine lining, leading to its thinning.

He adds: “It is important in treatment, because after a certain period the patient’s menstruation stops, and this helps a lot to avoid pain.” “In cases of severe PMS, the indication is to use the device with the hormone, because it can create a hormonal blockade, reducing the flow,” explains Larissa Cassiano.

As hormone replacement therapy in menopause. The hormonal IUD contains progesterone, one of the hormones used for hormone replacement, in addition to estrogen, which is taken orally or through the skin, in the form of a patch or cream.