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Do not miss it!  Nubank alerts customers who use PIX and launches a job

Do not miss it! Nubank alerts customers who use PIX and launches a job

PIX has become one of the most used payment methods by Brazilians in recent years. It is very safe, practical and affordable. Despite all the advantages, you should be careful when using PIX through Nubank. Understand the bank’s alert and learn about the news that has arrived to make life easier for customers.

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a digital bank I decided to advise people about some of the risks involved in transferring values. This is because it has been known that a lot of people send money to the wrong recipients, which causes a lot of inconvenience. the reason? Error writing PIX keys.

PIX by Nubank

Focusing on the increasing amount of errors during Transfers, the bank decided to become an ally to customers again, so it launched a new feature that allows you to cancel the PIX transfer schedule before it is completed. The idea is to prevent money from being sent to the wrong recipient.

Through the tool, people will be able to cancel the appointment and avoid losses. To benefit from the service, you have to follow the step by step that you will learn now:

  • access the home page through the Nubank app;
  • select the “Accounts” option;
  • Select the scheduled transaction that you want to cancel;
  • Select the option “Do you want to cancel the appointment?”
  • Confirm the request for a refund.

Simply! It should be noted that PIX is a payment method created by the central bank in 2020, which has become popular very quickly. That’s because most of the operations are free, which expands access to the services to more people.

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Anyone who is a Nubank customer can count on the new unsubscribe; But still, the advice is that you watch your PIX key carefully before making the transfer and avoid problems, such as losing money. Even because the person who receives the amount often does not bother to return the amount, leaving you at a loss. Therefore, every little care!