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Dengue vaccination in the United States will prioritize children and youth

Dengue vaccination in the United States will prioritize children and youth

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Priorities have been set for dengue vaccination

The Ministry of Health informed on Monday (15) that it will prioritize the vaccination of children and young people aged 6 to 16 years against dengue. This year, Brazil is supposed to be able to obtain up to 6 million doses of the vaccine. With the two-dose rollout, up to 3 million people will be vaccinated in 2024.

The Qdenga dengue vaccine, developed by Japanese laboratory Takeda Pharma, received approval from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) last year and has been included in the National Immunization Program (PNI) with vaccinations scheduled to begin in February this year.

Brazil is the first country in the world to offer the vaccine on the public network, and there is an understanding that it will be difficult to cope with the low number of doses available to the population.

Dengue vaccine

Although children and adolescents are the priority audience at the moment, Anfisa explains that QDenga is recommended for people between the ages of 4 and 60, requiring two doses for full immunization.

The vaccine is recommended for both those already infected and those who have not had previous contact with the virus. Just They won't be able to
People who are allergic to any of its components will be immunized; Anyone with a weakened immune system or immunosuppressed condition; Or pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Clinical studies show that vaccine side effects can occur and last for a maximum of three days. Frequently reported reactions are: pain at injection site; headache; muscle pain; Redness at the injection site. malaise; weakness; And fever. After the second dose, these symptoms tend to stop appearing.