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Science reacts against the Incas and the ETs

Science reacts against the Incas and the ETs

A group of scientists and professors from Paraná's universities (including the Federal Union of Popular Democratic Forces) have just informed the authorities of the misrepresentation of Paraná's past through so-called pseudo-archaeology, which in this case includes the alleged alien influence of extraterrestrial beings (ETs). The Peruvian Incas in the history of the country.

The serious problem has been highlighted before AndThis is unprecedented in the report Fake archeology grows in southern Brazilfrom November 29.

in A letter of complaint from the scientific community At the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage, in Brasilia and Curitiba (Ivan), professors demand action against Ecossistema Dakila Pesquisas for “deliberate falsification of scientific knowledge, through repeated attacks of intellectual bad faith.” . a letter Reproduces, among others, the above-mentioned report from And the.

ET Bilu in Peabiru Tourism

Dakila, which according to the complaining professors, is “a pseudo-mystical scientific group, whose legal form is a transnational holding company with diverse businesses that even include cryptocurrency marketing,” is run by Orandir Fernandez.

He is the same person who created an “extraterrestrial being” in 2009 called ET Bilu, which was revealed on television. Today Orandir and Dakila publish the fantasy of Ratanapa, a “city of millions of years” based in the Amazon. In 2018, he released a denial video Convex Earth (He argues, without any scientific support, that the planet is flat in the oceans and convex in the continents.)

Mouse partner

Urandir announced on the networks that it had signed a “partnership” with the government of Paraná, which is implementing the Caminhos de Peabiru tourist route.

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Details of the funds provided by Governor Bolsonaro's project, Ratinho Jr., are not known, but Orander has upset local archaeologists, among other reasons, for spreading lies about materials on display at the Paranaense Museum (in Curitiba) and for stating that Itupava's path was traveled by extraterrestrial beings.

“Inca” in PR and SC

A few weeks ago, Dquila published a video clip of its member Rafael Virginia announcing the discovery of the “Inca sacrificial altar” in the municipality of Paraná in Ponta Grossa, as part of the research he is conducting for the Pipero government project.

The presence of “Cosquino” in Paraná is the same speculation that was defended in Catarina (Joinville and Garova) by a Bolsonarista political and business group trying to intimidate the journalist from AndRosanna Bond.

This is due to the fact that she, who has been studying the Caminho do Peabiru for almost 30 years by publishing several books, pointed out serious distortions in the “Peabiruano” tourist plan of the group from Joinville and Garofins.

Money from Paraná to SC?

It was recently learned that members of the Government Public Relations Project have established contact with the SC to encourage similarities in their approach to this topic. Which was, for the most part, unscientific.

(Note: About this see Pipero's Path: Truths and Lies, published by the Institute. Latin American Studies (IELA, UFSC, October 2023).

It was even considered the possibility of releasing the financial resources of the people of Santa Catarina, including the municipal associations of South Carolina, so that they could adhere to the tourism model of the Ratinho government.

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