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Daniel Craig does not support the female version of James Bond

Daniel Craig does not support the female version of James Bond

About to bid farewell to the role of James Bond on the big screen, in 007 – No Time to DieAnd Daniel Craig She voiced the possibility of her having the role inherited by a woman in upcoming films in the franchise. According to the British star,The answer to that is very simple: there should only be better roles for women and non-white actors.”.

“Why should a woman play James Bond when there must be a role as good as James Bond, but made for a woman?”Craig asked in an interview with the magazine Radio Times. At 007 – no time to die, Lashana Lynch (Captain MarvelNomi, the new owner of condiname 007, lives on, echoing Craig’s opinion. However, for some time many fans have wondered why a woman has not been able to play him for more than 50 years on the big screen. In response, producer Barbara Broccoli claimed so, even though Bond might be “of any race”And will always be a memory.

At the beginning No time to die, James Bond (Craig(He retired from the life of an agent, but his peace was interrupted when his old friend Felix Leiter)Jeffrey Wright), who works for the CIA, seeks his help, setting Bond on the trail of a new villain armed with dangerous technology.

Still back to the cast Leah Seydoux like Madeline, Ralph Fiennes like m, Christoph Waltz Like Blofeld and Ben and Shaw as s.

The movie is directed by Carrie Joji FukunagaAnd It is scheduled to premiere in Brazil on September 30.

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