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Elton John announces the postponement of the tour after hitting the house

Elton John announces the postponement of the tour after hitting the house


Elton John has announced on his social media that he will need to postpone his new tour after suffering a fall at home. The musician will need to play.


© Reproduction / InstagramElton John announces the postponement of the tour

Elton John, 74, posted a statement on social media saying he had to postpone his tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, to 2023 after experiencing hip pain from a recent fall.

And he explained in the statement, which he shared on his Instagram account, postponing the start of the tour that will start in the United Kingdom and Europe: “With much sadness and heavy heart I will have to postpone the 2021 tour in Europe and the United Kingdom back to 2023.”

He continued, “At the end of my summer vacation I fell awkwardly on a hard surface and since then I’ve been experiencing thigh pain and discomfort. Even with intense physical therapy and specialized treatments, the pain got worse as the movement difficulties increased. I’m sure. I won’t have any complications in the long run. the long “.

He continued, “She advised me to have surgery as soon as possible so that I can come back completely new and ensure that there are no long-term complications … pain.” The singer also mentioned that he will attend the Global Citizen charity event, on September 25, which will feature only 5 songs.

“It’s a completely different requirement than playing for three hours every night and traveling from one country to another at night,” he said. John still plans to keep US tour dates from January 2022. “It breaks my heart to make you wait any longer. I’m frustrated after the year we’ve been in. It’s way next year and I’ll make sure it’s even more than it’s worth.”

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