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You will witness new adventures of Captain Pikachu

You will witness new adventures of Captain Pikachu

After 25 years of being the heroes of the plot’Pokemon“, Ashes of Ketchum And Pikachu left this anime, which has been a success for several generations. However, with the announcement of the departure, the character will be replaced by a new Pikachu.

As discovered by Omelete, per the franchise’s official Twitter account at United kingdomthe new character, Captain Pikachu will accompany Freddy, also new to the plot, on his travels.

Introducing you a first look at two new characters from the upcoming all-new Pokémon animated series!

Introducing Friede and his partner Pokémon, Captain Pikachu, who accompany our heroes through their adventures!

⚡ Stay tuned, Coaches – more information coming soon! pic.twitter.com/bdhGUGEzdB

– Pokemon UK (PokemonNewsUK) February 24, 2023

Additionally, Friede appears in the post wearing flight glasses, indicating that the new duo of anime members will be flying on a plane where the story will take place, in the Paldea region.

Also, Friede and Captain Pikachu will travel along with Liko and Roy, two new heroes in the anime, who, like Ash at the beginning of production, also wish to become Pokemon Masters.

Special episodes depicting the farewells of the Ash and Pikachu characters have been broadcast since January.

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