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Daniel Alves will use the club legend's number in his second spell at Camp Nou

Daniel Alves is candid and direct when he explains himself after the controversy over leaving São Paulo; see message

After a controversial sentence about leaving São Paulo, Daniel Alves used social networks to photograph himself

the side Daniel Alves He used his social networks this Wednesday to undo the controversy related to Sao Paulo. Participation in the documentary Danny Crazy DreamGive FIFA +And The player revealed that he began marking his departure from the São Paulo team during the controversy over the Olympic Games in Tokyo, in 2021..

“I started thinking a lot about whether we were doing well, because when you start enjoying beautiful moments in different places, you start comparing something good and something bad. Then she says: ‘Man, the bee doesn’t have time to teach the fly that honey is better than shit.’said the athlete.

in your TwitterDaniel Alves retracted and confirmed that he did not refer to the club: “Just to color the flies, I’m not talking about the club… “, books.

The player returned to Brazilian football in 2019 to play for his favorite team, but after a few months things did not go as expected, which prompted him to terminate his contract and become one of the biggest enemies of the tricolor crowd.

“I went through many stages in Sao Paulo, which made me lose credibility that it was worth being at the club. I made a decision to go to Sao Paulo to fulfill a dream and think that we can build something together”, he declared.

We planned it, but the strategy that convinced me to come started to fail. I’ve reached my limit, you know? That’s sand, you’ve reached your limit,” he added.

Unable to pay the agreed salary with the player, São Paulo began accumulating debts with Daniel Alves. One of the most tense moments in the relationship between the club and the athlete occurred during the Olympic Games in Tokyo, when, in an interview, he stabbed tricolor Immediately after winning the gold when asked if he had given up the team, which at that time was playing in the last 16 of the Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil.

“People talk because they don’t know my dedication, achievement and respect for São Paulo, São Paulo has often let me down, and I don’t fail in São Paulo,” Daniel Alves said at the time.

After returning from Tokyo, the right-back is still participating in the AFC Champions League quarter-finals CONMEBOL Libertadoresagainst Palm treesfrom the match against sportsfur Brazilian ChampionshipAnd go from the quarter-finals of the Champions League Brazil Cupagainst Energy.