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Danger!  Using a cell phone in the bathroom can cause serious illness

Danger! Using a cell phone in the bathroom can cause serious illness

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Currently, every single person in the world owns and uses a cell phone. Over the years, communication has become indispensable. Thus, we have become so dependent on this simple device that we can no longer imagine ourselves without it.

It is rare the moment when we turn off the cell phone on some occasion. We often take him to the bathroom with us to keep us company while we are there. Although this has become a common and normal habit, experts point out the potential risks of irresponsible use of the device.

What’s wrong with using a cell phone in the bathroom?

Recently, on the portal HuffpostPrimrose Freestone, Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Leicester, UK, commented on this topic.

For her, people should take more care of the cleanliness of their devices and be aware of the future problems that lack of hygiene can generate with the thing.

Yes, in general, most or all people wash their hands several times a day. However, the daily cleaning habit is not the same as with a cell phone.

In addition, the expert warns of places where devices are left on display and who uses and handles them on a daily basis, especially children.

It turns out that many studies have already proven and shown that cell phones can be contaminated with very dangerous bacteria. Some of these bacteria can be:

  • coli that it staphylococcus;: a family of bacteria that can cause skin infections.
  • Actinomyces bacteria: which can cause tuberculosis;
  • Citrobacter: bacteria that can lead to urinary tract infections.
  • EnterococcusBacteria that can cause meningitis.
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As if all of that weren’t enough, viruses on cell phones are often resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, they are difficult to treat with conventional medicines.

Primrose ends the interview by giving some tips and advice on cell phone hygiene. The specialist always recommends keeping the devices in your pocket or bag when away from home.

In addition, it is important to always clean the device with towels and sprays Made with alcohol.