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Cyber ​​attacks leave Unimed Belém systems unavailable |  for

Cyber ​​attacks leave Unimed Belém systems unavailable | for

Cyber ​​attacks on Unimed Bethlehem Health insurance systems were left unavailable. On Thursday (20), customers who were trying to pay coupons or schedule appointments received messages via the messaging app warning of the problem.

According to UNAMID, the attack took place on 11 October, and “consistent measures are being taken to stabilize the impact of the attacks”. No forecast is provided to solve the problem.

Those who tried the calls via the Internet, received a message via the app that “Unimed Belém is looking for solutions and is working tirelessly to solve this incident.” This Thursday, some customers were also unable to make payments.

In one of the plan’s care units, several patients also had problems at the start of the week as a result of the cyber attack. They couldn’t get permits for the procedures and the place was full.

The unidentified unit was crowded and patients complained that they did not have permission to perform the procedures – Photo: Reproduction


health plan Make a website available For some services such as the second copy of the ticket and consultation with the medical advisor.

According to Unimed, “Recipients will be able to go to the Curuzu unit, to the Estação Saúde (Reduto) and BR (Ananindeua) units to conduct authorizations for exams and elective procedures.”

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