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Al-Janaiba student wins the gold medal in the National Science Olympiad

Al-Janaiba student wins the gold medal in the National Science Olympiad

First-year high school student Mario Gustavo Rodríguez Silva has climbed to the highest place on the podium of the National Science Olympiad (ONC) 2022. The gold medalist, teaches at Mauricio Augusto de Azevedo State School, in Janoba, north of Minas Gerais, which applies education Full time since 2020.

Mario is involved in the School’s Scientific Adaptation Project, winner last year of the Escola Transformação Prize, from the Minas Gerais State Ministry of Education (SEE-MG). The student celebrates the support provided by the educational institution and parents by anticipating the future: college graduation.

“The medal is a great achievement for my future, because I have been in this school since the sixth grade. I have been very happy and already dreaming of the day when I will enter university and complete my higher education,” the student reveals.

The unit director, Deraldino Rodrigues da Silva, says the award shows that full-time education “is the best course for students of Minas Gerais”. He continued, “Through EMTI, students achieve better results in the Cognitive Olympiad and entrance exams.”

National Science Olympiad

The National Science Olympiad is part of the school’s science program and is implemented by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), targeting high school students and those in their final years of elementary school.

Maurício Augusto de Azevedo State School serves a total of 606 students, from the final years of primary school, full-time high school (EMTI Professional) and a group of IT technicians. Through EMTI Professional, the school also offers technical courses in occupational safety and information technology.

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