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Cruzeiro sends a message to the fans after losing the title to Atletico in Mineirão

Cruzeiro sends a message to the fans after losing the title to Atletico in Mineirão

Despite losing the state title to Atlético, after a 3-1 defeat to Mineirão, in the second match of the Mineirão tournament final, Cruzeiro paid tribute to his fans.

This Monday (8), via social media, the club thanked the tremendous support it received in Gigante da Pampulha, on Sunday (7), when more than 61,500 fans watched the grand final between the two arch rivals.

“Blue Nation, we want to thank the presence and support of the 61,582 Cruzirense people who held a special party this Sunday and broke the attendance record at the new Mineirão stadium. You are our strength and our motivation, yesterday, today and always!”, Cruzeiro posted on “X”, previously Twitter.

The 61,582 fans who attended the Mineirão stadium for the match between Cruzeiro and Atlético surpassed the previous record by nine people. The old number was reached in the match between Atlético and Bragantino, which saw the 2021 Brazilian Championship trophy awarded to Alvinegro. On December 5, 2021, 61,573 people were registered at the stadium.

The total income from Mineiro's final match of the year was R$5,517,247.62. Mineirão's record revenue goes back to the Atlético x Olímpia-PAR match, in the 2013 Libertadores final, with R$14.2 million at the box office.

Cruzeiro has grossed over R$5 million at the box office

Cruzeiro registered a milestone in the 2024 Minas Gerais final: a total income of R$5,517,247.62.

This fundraising took place with record attendance at Mineirão, when 61,582 fans paid for tickets to watch the final between Cruzeiro and Atlético, on Sunday (7).

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Cruzeiro again recorded a total income exceeding R$5 million after six and a half years. The last time the club's box office exceeded these numbers was in 2017, in the Copa do Brasil final against Flamengo.

On that occasion, on September 27, 2017, when the Celestial Team won its fifth Brazilian Cup, the total income amounted to R$ 7,881,058.00. This, with 56,135 paid fans.

The team, led by Mano Menezes, won the title after a 0-0 draw in regular time and a 5-3 win on penalties in the second leg. At the Maracanã, the score in the first match was 1-1.

Since then, until the date of this year's Mineiro Final, the team has yet to reach R$5 million in gross income as a host team. The closest he came was in 2018, also in the Brazilian Cup final, but against Corinthians.

In the 1-0 win over São Paulo, on 10 October 2018, in Mineirão, Cruzeiro registered a total income of R$ 4,169,226.50.

Highest gross income in Cruzeiro between 2017 and 2024

  • 2024 – Cruzeiro 1 x 3 Atletico – 5,517,247.62 – Mineirão – Mineirão
  • 2023 – Cruzeiro 0 x 1 Atletico – R$ 3,370,725.00 – Parque Sabella – Series A
  • 2022 – Cruzeiro 3 x 0 Vasco – R$ 2,974,486.00 – Mineirao – Series B
  • 2021 – Cruzeiro 0 x 0 Marine – R$ 1,347,180.00 – Mineirao – Series B*
  • 2020 – Cruzeiro 1 x 1 America – R$ 337,203.00 – Mineirão – Mineirão*
  • 2019 – Cruzeiro 0 x 0 River Plate – R$ 2,464,451.00 – Mineirao – Libertadores
  • 2018 – Cruzeiro 1 x 0 Corinthians – R$ 4,169,226.50 – Mineirão – Brazilian Cup
  • 2017 – Cruzeiro 0 x 0 Flamengo – R$ 7,881,058.00 – Mineirão – Brazilian Cup
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