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Flamengo holds Devenza and Justicia and wins Renato's debut - 07/14/2021

Flamengo holds Devenza and Justicia and wins Renato’s debut – 07/14/2021

On the first night of Renato Gaucho official, he was flamingo Today (14) Devenza and Justicia won 1-0, in a match valid for the round of 16 Editors. With a goal from Michael, Rubro-negro secured an important advantage at Norberto Tomaghello and left the city of Florencio Varela closer to the vacant seat.

Cariocas’ victory came in an uninspiring journey for the team, which has faced many technical problems and is still plagued by the embezzlement of names such as Rodrigo Caillou, Diego, Willian Arau and Bruno Henrique.

As a result, the Robro-Negros plays for a tie until the quarter-finals. The decisive duel will take place next Wednesday (21), at 9:30 pm, and will be played at Mani Garrincha Stadium.

Flamingo won ان

On a night where their opponent pretty much dominated, Flamengo were lucky to win in Argentina. Predictable and lacking in mobility, the team was easy prey and played one of their poorest games in a long time. With sectors far apart, Fla fell into the trap of Defensa discrimination and abused the right to waste passes. If it wasn’t for Diego Alves, I wouldn’t have left the match with an important victory

The defense does not score and is punished

Ready to put pressure on Flamengo from the start, Defensa y Justicia tried to push their opponents into their defense and force them to make mistakes. The strategy worked and the home team was able to neutralize Fla with a strong defense, a team that came out quickly and with many players to attack. Pikachi’s team made it, reaching the goal of Diego Alves, but he missed his chances and left the field with a bitter result.

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Renato: Hot feet on a bad night

Photo: Florencio Varela / Getty Images

In his first appearance before FloridaCoach Renato Gaucho changed the way the team played, and despite the team’s poor performance, he ended up winning. The team had a lot of trouble to start playing and felt the poor performance of their defensive duo and defensive midfielders. With the team not coordinating, Arascaeta and Everton Ribeiro were trapped in the opponent’s wall. Reclusive, Gabigol practically did not participate in the game.

Michael stands out and saves Florida

Once again, striker Michael was the best red-black on the field. The only player to make Flamengo leave his field a bit, he made the Argentine defense miserable and got a goal that saved the red-black team. The other character in the team was Diego Alves, who did not do well with his feet, but made a decisive save for victory.

Isolated, Gabigol suffers

Gabigol - Staff Images / Conmebol - Staff Images / Conmebol
Photo: Staff Photos / CONMEBOL

Returning after a long spell in the Brazilian national team service, Gabigol did not have a great night. The scorer’s below-average performance was largely due to the rest of the team, who played sporadically and had difficulties articulating plays. On his only chance, Unsain stopped him.


In the 22nd minute of the first half, Michael kicked, the ball hit the defender and killed Unsain. It was the only goal of the match.

new cloak

The match in Argentina saw the debut of the new white Flamengo shirt, which has not yet been used by the main team. The play hints at the 1981 title.

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data sheet

Defense and Justice X Flamingo

reason: Editor’s Cup
data: July 14, 2021
Sweetened: Norberto Tumagello Stadium in Florencio Varela (Argentina)
Table: 9:30 pm (Brazilia)
Rule: Eber Aquino (PAR)
helpers: Eduardo Cardoso (PAR) and Johnny Bossio (PER)
Where: Diego Haro (PER)
Objectives: Michael, 22 minutes into the first half
yellow cards: Hugo Moura, Gustavo Enrique, Perez da Motta (FLA); Contreras, Escalante (DEF)
red cards:

Defense and Justice: changed the mind of Matias Rodriguez, Frias, Cardona, Soto; Rodriguez, Luisa and Rotondi (Mirentiel), Escalante, Walter Poe (Barrios) and Contreras (Hutchin). idiomatic: Sebastian Picacci

flamingo: Diego Alves, Isla (Matthews), Gustavo Enrique, Leo Pereira and Felipe Luis; Joao Gomez, Thiago Maya (Peres da Mota), Everton Ribeiro (Pedro), Arrascaeta (Bruno Viana); Gabigol and Michael (Vitino). idiomatic: Renato Gaucho