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Avoid these habits that blow up the engine

Avoid these habits that blow up the engine

To drive It is a practice that tends to bring peace and freedom to some people, and is considered a hobby. Therefore, a driver’s daily habits can have a significant impact on the useful life of a vehicle. Your car engine.

Often, seemingly harmless behaviors can lead to serious and costly harm.

Below we list some of these habits that can harm your car.

Behaviors that cause your car engine to explode

One bad habit that can harm your car’s engine is not filling the coolant tank.

The cooling system is essential to keep your engine running properly, so it is important to pay attention to the water level and never use it water Tap, always preferably demineralized water.

Another harmful habit that starts very quickly. Although modern cars do not require a long waiting time before starting, it is important to allow the oil to be properly distributed throughout the engine before accelerating hard.

The same attention must be paid when driving a little, as leaving the car parked for a long time can lead to decomposition of the fluids and drying out of the rubber hoses.

Moreover, filling the tank with adulterated fuel is a mistake that can have serious consequences for the engine. It is necessary to refuel at trusted stations and well-known brands to avoid using poor-quality products.

Finally, forgetting to change your oil regularly can harm your engine’s performance.

The oil must be changed within the period specified by the manufacturer, whether in time or distance traveled, and the air filter must be changed when necessary to prevent impurities from entering the engine.

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Therefore, to keep your car’s engine in good condition and extend its useful life, it is important to be aware of the habits that can harm it.

Avoiding these five bad behaviors can ensure proper engine operation and avoid unnecessary expenses on repairs and maintenance.

Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and care for your car responsibly.