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Corinthians were judged by Justice to compensate Lloyd, who did not take the field;  see details

Corinthians were judged by Justice to compensate Lloyd, who did not take the field; see details

The Labor Court ruled Corinthians, in the first place, to compensate striker Lloyd who, between January 2017 and December 2020, was under contract with the club – a lawsuit was filed in February. The player has never taken to the field during his four bonding years.

the gate My Timon He had access to the lawsuit filed by Luidy’s attorney, which charges for pending salaries, non-payment of vacations, a stop-off compensation fund (FGTS) not deposited by the club, severance pay, fines, interest and cash corrections, as well as legal fees. The lawyers gave the case an initial amount of R$724,051.65.

In the first instance ruling, Judge Lucy Guidolin Brisola, of the 23rd Labor Court of São Paulo, set Corinthians’ penalty at R$700,000. It is subject to appeal. The judge described the amounts to be paid by the club as follows:

  • The second installment of the thirteenth salary for the year 2019 in the amount of 30 thousand Brazilian riyals;
  • Salary differences for the months of March (R$24,965.07), May (1,7500.00), June (1,7500.00), and July (1,750,00,00), all in 2020;
  • Amounts deducted from the salary for the month of December 2019, in the total amount of R$59,945.07;
  • Separation payments: December 2020 salary balance, 2020 thirteenth salary and constitutional third from 2020 leave;
  • 50% fine on the value of the end of service gratuity;
  • a fine corresponding to the plaintiff’s salary;
  • compensation equivalent to the loss of land deposits;
  • default interest, cash correction, taxes and Social Security deductions, subject to the terms of reasoning;
  • The defendant’s costs, in the amount of R$14,000, calculated on the basis of the value of the conviction;
  • The defendant shall bear the plaintiff’s attorney’s fees.
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Judge Lucy Guidolin Brisola also says that “the relevant amounts (not specified above) to be determined in the settlement of the sentence by arithmetic, subject to the limits of inference, are an integral part of this provision.” The fixed amount is 700 thousand Brazilian riyals.

In four years, no game and expenditure of a million dollars

Lloyd was under contract for four years and never wore a Corinthians shirt. However, the club spent money to bring him in and keep him in touch, as required by law.

Regarding salaries, Lloyd’s lawyers’ initial petition to the court asserts that the striker earned R$40,000 per month in the first season (2017), plus R$10,000 each subsequent year (2018, 2019 and 2020). Four years later, the total amount of this 52-month contract – including the thirteenth salary – was R$2.8 million.

It is noteworthy that the player’s salary was divided between a monthly bonus (85%) and advertising / sports materials (15%). However, all attorney applications described above are based on full fees (100%).

Luidy was appointed in December 2016, with endorsements from Roberto de Andrade (then president) and Eduardo Ferreira (then director of football)

Daniel Augusto Jr. / Corinthians Agency

In addition to salaries, Corinthians spent money on economic rights. At the time, the CRB announced that Corinthians had paid 1.2 million Rls for 70% – Alvinegra’s board demanded a third of that amount. The appointment was made in December 2016, with the approval of Eduardo Ferreira (then director of football) and Roberto de Andrade (then president).

Lloyd’s relationship with Corinthians ended on December 31, 2020 without carrying the club’s shirt on the field. (see loan sequence below). The forward, 25, now plays for Confianca, from Alagoas.

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Remember Luidy’s epic after training for a few days in Corinthians CT and start borrowing

  • April 2017: The player is loaned to Figueirense until the end of the season;
  • Beginning of 2018: Loan for Ciara. In the same year, a new transfer, now to São Bento-SP;
  • 2019: Luidy started and finished the season on loan to the same club, in this case, Londrina;
  • 2020: The attacker did the opposite. Still associated with Corinthians, Lloyd was loaned to CRB, where he played in Series B for the Brazilian Nationals;
  • 2021: No longer associated with Corinth, he sued in the early months of the year.

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