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“Now canceled”; Flamengo cancels the deal due to the influence of Vitor Pereira


The Flamengo board of directors has been watching for ball marks, but sees its players as coveted by world soccer teams

© Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIFFla voids a deal due to Vitor Pereira’s influence

Management Board Flamingo See big teams in international soccer covet players from the team nigger rubro. the Barcelona Show interest in hiring right-back Wesley, 19. The intention of the Catalan club was to loan the player, paying almost 1 million euros 5.3 million Brazilian reals In the current quote, which was rejected by the Rio de Janeiro team.

The European team’s proposal included a €15m put option to buy, close to 80 million Brazilian reals in the current quote. However, the technical Vitor Pereira Analyze the player with the council and participate in the rejection of the proposal sent to the club. However, despite wanting to keep the player, the board of directors Flamingo lead a counterproposal.

According to the journalist’s information Julio Miguel Neto, The carioca team’s counterproposal ended up doing the trick Barcelona Withdraw from negotiations. This is because the Catalans realize that the asking prices are high and above what the side would be expected to pay. since then Double view at the beginning of the negotiation.

“Barcelona have withdrawn from signing Wesley, from Flamengo. Mengão’s board of directors requested €2m for the player’s loan. The amount was much higher than what the Spanish club intended to pay, €1m with an option to buy at around €14m. Negotiation closedAnd he wrote.

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